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2nd Saturday jazz combo. Location in Del Paso Heights TBA.
Continuing every 2nd Saturday (and Friday) until ???
I'll be with Clean Slate and backing "The Coasters" who made Charlie Brown and Yakity Yak hits! Performances at 5:00 PM & 9:00 PM
Web site
I"ll be playing guitar with Clean Slate at JB"s
1401 Arden Way Sacramento, CA 95815
$10 cover
Why am I telling you this?
Sacramento, CA
Details TBA
806 L Street, Sacramento CA

Donations are $125 per/person which includes great food and spirits not to mention a great band. Register for Frank Fat's 70th Anniversary Celebration

Gig Photos

Best funkengruven line up
One of the best funkengruven line ups
Club 88 - Cache Creek Casino
Cache Creek Casino
Jazz combo bass with Jerry Jennings on guitar
Playing bass in jazz combo with Jerry Jennings on guitar
Funkengruven bass
Playing bass with funkengruven
with dancers
With the Sacramento Kings Dance Team
on fire
Playing a blazing solo

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