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This is my new guestbook, written by yours truely. Its written in PHP and uses CSS for layout instead of tables because that's how i roll.

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Wow! Man you rock! By the way I'm Steve's nephew, Nate. So I guess that makes us related some how. You're his cousin right?

I pulled out his guitar and I've been fooling around on it, but I'm not very good. I got a drum set back in Eureka CA but I need some lessons or just to play them more often. My bass pedal keeps breakin on me so I need to buy a durable one that can stand my pounding's.
Anyway keep up the good work, maybe some day I can come see ya play at a show.

Peace, Love, and Tacos - Nate
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Hey Tom, nice layout. I like it. I'm goinf to forward this to my webguy and see if you two can hook up. Thanks for the idea and nice work!
Dave Lynch
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Nice look .I am just learning the power of css and am quite impressed.Looks great!

Email me back if this is available for the public to use or not


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I'm also just beginning to explore the power of css and saw your comment on and decided to come take a look. NICE!

Especially like your guestbook!

May I borrow the structure?

Just another jazz snob
I wish you successes and happiness in a life.
Your Helga.One million kisses to you from me!
Good work.. bro!! cheers

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